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You’re not alone if you haven’t heard of a PCMH before. PCMH stands for a Patient-Centered Medical Home. It’s a medical practice that uses a team-based approach led by your doctor to make it easier for you to access the care, information and assistance you need, when you need it.

Now through your current Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey coverage, you have the benefit of working with a doctor whose practice is part of a national effort to improve health care across the country. As part of a PCMH, you will receive:

  • More coordinated, personalized health care.
  • Comprehensive care that supports you and strengthens your relationship with your doctor.

What does this mean to you? Care you need, when you need it.

  • The focus is on you – helping you get the care you need, when you need it. Your doctor will direct a team of health professionals, including specialist.
  • A Care Coordinator will coordinate your care, offer support, information and assistance to you. Focusing on your needs including prevention, communication and education.
  • Frequent communication within your team about your care allows your doctor to closely monitor your health and respond to your needs. This is great news, especially for those with chronic health conditions to help them get all the care they need, as well as prevention.
  • You will have more ways to be in touch with your team by phone, e-mail and in person.
  • New health technology will give your team the key medical information they need about you during visits and when it is needed the most. Your health record is available to you any time.

Together, your PCMH team will:

  • Provide a simpler, less confusing approach to your health care.
  • Help you access the support and resources you need for prevention, wellness and ongoing treatment.
  • Partner with you to help you live healthier.
  • Help ensure that follow-up care is received after a medical/Emergency Room (ER) visit or hospital discharge.

Keep us in the loop

Not sure if it’s a medical emergency? Call Heights Medical as your first point of contact. After an ER visit, check in with Heights Medical as soon as possible, so they can assist with any needed follow-up care.

You’re never alone

Heights Medical, a PCMH is designed to keep you at the center of all the care you need. Your doctor and your team welcome the chance to get to know you better, answer your questions and work with you to create a care plan based on your health goals.