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Stopping the epidemic

            Starts with education

Diabetes Educators bring vast clinical experience that enables them to cover a  broad range of diabetes education topics with each patient.

The Diabetes Crisis

Diabetes is a Highly Prevalent and Costly Chronic Disease.

Diabetes self-management education and training are crucial to improving patient outcomes.

The incidence of diabetes is growing at an alarming rate, and the need for education is more critical than ever.

Collaboration between Diabetes Educators and healthcare professionals helps empower patients with or at risk for diabetes to successfully manage the disease.

Patient Device Training

Diabetes Educator-led training, held in Heights Medical Office, for patients prescribed brand specific diabetes products about how to properly use their injection devices.

Diabetes Educators Will

  • Demonstrate how to properly inject using brand specific devices
  • Provide hands-on guidance and refresher training

Diabetes Academy

A patient-focused educational event conducted by Diabetes Educators at Heights Medical.

Diabetes Academy offers

  • Successful diabetes self-management strategies for patients
  • Complimentary diabetes education materials